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REDO! Launched on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch

Robson Paiva and Top Hat Studios have launched their sci-fi action-adventure game REDO! on Playstation 4/5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. REDO! is an atmospheric, non-linear RPG adventure where a girl searches for another human in a futuristic cityscape.

The ambient and evocative world of REDO! comes to life as players explore, fight and survive. REDO! features brutal, methodical combat. Players will need every tool available is required to stay alive as enemies breathe fire, release electricity and spit plasma.

In REDO! the age of humanity is over. Terrifying biomachines overrun a decaying city – but there is someone left behind.

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You take on the role of “the last human on Earth”. She has to adapt to her new reality and face humankind’s mistakes in this mysterious narrative adventure. With cryptic lore to be unearthed, players are on a journey to discover what’s left. Then a single message appears.

“Meet me at the top of the Solar Cathedral.”

Key Features:

  • Deep, cryptic, and mysterious lore left behind by the last remnants of humanity.
  • A diverse array of weapons and items.
  • A vast, open-ended sprawling metropolis and dying world to explore.
  • Over a dozen terrifying, twisted and unique enemy types.
  • New Game Plus mode lets players… redo it all over again, with a twist.
  • Brutal non-linear action RPG with Dark Souls-inspired gameplay, emphasizing a balance of lethality and stamina.

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REDO! is out today on PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series S|X and Nintendo Switch for $9.99/£9.99/9.99EUR.

We’re excited about the look and sound of this game at Controller Nerds. We’d love to know what you think if you’ve played it.

Keep up with Top Hat Studios on their official siteTwitter, and Facebook.

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