VELOCITY NOODLE is out today on consoles including the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox. The game is developed by Shotgun Anaconda – great name! and it is published by Top Hat Studios, Inc.

Launched with a ramen rampage!

VELOCITY NOODLE is an indie 2D platformer where players must deliver noodles and feel like a speedrunner!


You may get the same vibes, but I watched the trailer and immediately thought “This looks awesome, it reminds me of Celeste!” which is not a bad thing at all.

VELOCITY NOODLE is set in a gorgeous, neon-lit pixel aesthetic and it tasks players with traversing challenging handcrafted levels to deliver the noodles as fast as possible. The game features ultra-smooth movement. It’s down to you to master each stage using different mechanics such as sliding, teleporting, katana-jumping, and more.

The game has already been launched on Steam and has been very well received with a 95% positive rating. The new console release does feature new level packs, artwork updates, and quality-of-life upgrades. These have also been mirrored to the PC version via a free upgrade. There is also a native PlayStation 5 version of the game under development and has been scheduled for launch which will be announced in the future.

Key Features:
  • Dozens & dozens of handcrafted stages to test your noodle
  • A pettable dog, somewhere
  • Fast-paced, agility-focused movement gameplay
  • A really overworked and sweaty chef
  • Time records to beat, medals to collect, and a quick restart so the pace never lets up
  • Hard-hitting synthwave soundtrack

You can watch the trailer below. You can also check out our previous news.

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