Path of Titans

Path of Titans Review

Welcome to my review of Path of Titans for PC. Path of Titans is a survival MMO and is available now for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. The game is developed by Alderon Games, it’s downloaded and launched through Alderon Games’ own launcher which you can easily download and sign up for an account for free.

Another Survival Game?

I hear you. You’re thinking the same as me, another survival game? But continue reading to find out my thoughts on this game. Once you’re done here, you can also check out our previous reviews.

The Game

So to begin the review, I am going to let you all know this is a cross-platform/cross-play game. We play as a dinosaur which we create when first starting our journey into the unknown. There is quite a wide variety to choose from, with approximately 25 different species. Once you’ve customised your dinosaur and chosen a name for it, you can start the fight for survival.

The game has a mixture of carnivores, herbivores, gliding, flying, and aquatic dinosaurs. So you can literally make the experience your own depending on which species you choose.

Path of Titans

At the time of writing, there are two maps to choose from. Panjura, and Gondwa. Both of these maps are 8km x 8km and are two of many planned maps for the game. It’s your challenge to navigate and survive in this extensive MMO survival game. As with all MMOs, Path of Titans brings us adventures through the method of quests. Completion of the quests will reward you with experience to help you level up from a baby to an adult dinosaur. Quests can also reward the player with new attacks or abilities for their dinosaur. This allows you to tailor the play style exactly how you’d want it.

Want to be a murderous monster of a carnivore? Sure. How about a vegan dinosaur? Of course. The choice is yours.

Each server can support up to 200 players at any one time. That’s quite a lot really. But in my experience, it was a bit like ARK Survival where it just seemed a bit crowded in certain areas and then completely empty in other areas. Also, by survival game, I don’t mean the type of game where you build a base and go out scavenging items. You can acquire items but can not build buildings or objects.

The game also has community mod support, so you never know, someone may even mod things like building into the game.

Personally, I found that the game didn’t offer anything that was “too new” to the genre. I found myself just aimlessly wandering around performing similar tasks as I had performed an hour or so ago.

Look & Sound

The graphics are pretty awesome to be fair. It runs quite well on my RTX 3080 Laptop GPU and looks decent too.

Path of Titans

The sound effects in the game are also good, and the music is a fairly basic score but suits the style of the game.

Length & Replayability

Being an online MMO, the game can literally last as long as you want. Getting bored with your current dinosaur? Start all over again as another species.


Overall, Path of Titans is quite fun to play. However, I personally feel it doesn’t do anything that’s really new for the genre. I know you get to play as a dinosaur which is pretty cool. But the main gameplay itself just felt a bit too similar to me. The game has beautiful graphics and sound effects/music are pretty decent though.

If you’re interested to learn more about the game you can watch the trailer below or visit the official website.

I give Path of Titans a score of 6/10.

A code was kindly provided for us to review this.

We Score This Game

rating score: 6


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