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GameSir X2 Pro, Review

If my hardware reviews show anything, it’s that I love GameSir products. So the chance to play around with the new GameSir X2 Pro was something I was not going to say no to. I have the GameSir X2, which was actually my first GameSir device. I also have the GameSir X3, which is a chonky boy with its fan and cooling plate. But the question will be, if I have the X2, what do I need the X2 Pro for? Well, there are some differences. “Pro” isn’t just tagged on for no reason. Make no mistake, this is a definite upgrade in features and quality.

The GameSir X2 Pro is better with a phone.

Shocking, I know. Without a phone, the controller is useless. But with a phone, you’re looking at a pretty essential gaming accessory. And it even comes with a cool Xbox button, which I’ll mention below. Finally, the Xbox app is useful on my phone instead of just using it to remotely install games when I think of them or look at screenshots.

The Hardware

It should be noted straight away that this is an officially licenced Xbox for Android controller. One of the first things I noticed about it compared to the standard X2 is that the four extra buttons on the front are different. They now represent the central buttons on an Xbox controller. Ideal if you’re playing on your Xbox through your phone, as the buttons do what they’re supposed to do. The controller has been specially designed for Xbox cloud gaming with Hall Effect analogue triggers, Kailh microswitch bumpers, Alps 3D joysticks, two mappable back buttons and textured rubber grips.

x2 pro beauty shot
The artistic beauty shot

The X2 Pro offers customisation options, just like the X3, giving you interchangeable ABXY buttons and joystick caps. If you’re wondering why you would want to do that on an Xbox controller, it’s because you shouldn’t be limited. Different gamers can tailor it to their own playstyle, it can be used with a PC using Steam Link or Moonlight. If you want the A button to be where it is on the Nintendo Switch, then go for it. We won’t judge you. And neither do GameSir, it seems! What’s nice about this is how subtly it’s done. There’s a little lip that’s barely noticeable on the left of the buttons. Just enough to grip with your nail to lift it off its magnet. And they go in deep enough that they aren’t going to fall out on their own.

Like the phone controllers from GameSir, this one expands to match whatever sized phone you have. I have the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, a big phone that fits in without a problem. Plenty of room. And even though that fits with the case still on, sitting pretty flush, it needs the case removed to function. The USB-C port just doesn’t stick out enough for that to connect correctly. It’s a shame, but it makes sense as if it’s not in a case, then you want the phone to be pushed onto the side pads, not the USB C port. Although fellow Controller Nerds owner Martin managed this with the case on his phone, so it’s not going to be a problem for everyone. And talking of USB C ports, the X2 Pro offers pass-through charging for playing while charging. Nicely tucked away on the bottom.

x2 pro gaming
If your case allows, it’s possible to use it with it still on

It also comes with a handy carry case like their other controllers. Handy for when you want to put it in your bag for work to have a cheeky play when you sneak off to the toilet.

Design and Functionality

If you have the GameSir X2, then the first thing you’ll notice about the X2 Pro is that it is almost the same size. It looks as premium as you’d expect from something with “Pro” in the name. There are some subtle differences, though, that makes all the difference. The palm padding seamlessly merges into the rest of the controller. The trigger buttons extrude a bit for added comfort when using them. The whole controller feels more cohesive, with the designers at GameSir really stepping up their game with recent controllers.

Naturally, the way to try your officially licenced Xbox for Android controller is to play some Xbox with it. It’d be pretty useless if those Xbox buttons didn’t do as they are meant to, after all. It doesn’t matter how good something looks if it doesn’t do the one thing you’d expect it to do well at. So the first thing I did was press all the buttons. The good news is that they all worked and did what I expected. The bad news… well, there is none. It worked well and feels comfortable. Not as comfortable as an actual Xbox controller, but that’s to be expected. It’s still pretty comfortable, though, and the buttons all feel nice to press. Perfect for if you want to Xbox in bed or anywhere else with your phone.

It comes in white to match your Xbox Series S or a sexy black to match the Series X or your phone.

x2 pro case
Neatly tucked up, ready for bed

Connection and Software

You just need the Xbox app if you want to connect it to play on your Xbox. Just plug your phone into the controller, open the Xbox app and start remote play. No additional setup is required. Perfect really.

If you want to customise your controller by swapping some buttons over and using it for mobile games, then you need the GameSir app. I’m not overly a fan of apps where the latest update isn’t available via the app store. Some people just will not sideload apps and for good reasons. Currently, the Google Play Store has version 4.2.6. Whereas the current version to download on the GameSir website is V4.2.9. The new update, though, does offer some improvements. Hopefully, it won’t be long before the Play Store app is updated to match.

Anyway, the updated app offers:

  1. More categories and games, and is easier and more convenient to find games to play.
  2. More user-friendly. Supports landscape mode and is more flexible.
  3. Increase in tutorial prompts and easier to use.
  4. Added ABXY layout customisation for GameSir X2 Pro-Xbox.

Obviously, though, if you’re only going to use it for playing Xbox on the go, then there’s no need for anything other than the Xbox app. But if you want to remap those buttons, you’ll need the latest GameSir app, which means sideloading it onto your phone.

x2 pro gaming 2
Xbox games look almost as good as the controller


Is this my new favourite phone controller? Yes, yes it is. The X3 was good but not as portable, with a very loud fan. The X2 is nice but limited. The GameSir X2 Pro, however, is beautiful in looks and feel. It’s a controller that I’ll get a lot of use out of. Even though it’s mainly plastic, it still feels premium. And the plastic helps keep the weight down. It’s light. Real light. Don’t mistake that for thinking that it’d break easily. I’m not doing stress tests on it, but I have put some force into seeing how much the controller will flex, and I can tell you that it doesn’t flex much at all. There’s clearly some solid construction going on whilst keeping it as light as it can possibly be.

The subtleness of the lip on the buttons to change them is a work of art as you’d barely know it was there. But it’s enough that you can grip the button. You’ll get nowhere if you try gripping them from the top and bottom. The buttons do as you’d expect from an Xbox controller, and it fits in my hands nicely.

Can you do better? I’m not so sure. If you’re after a controller for playing Xbox and mobile games on the go, you can do much worse than this. You could use your phone mounted on top of an actual Xbox controller, but that’s then oddly balanced and a bit more weighty. That this controller is so lightweight is a massive bonus as it doesn’t add much more to your phone.

And if you want to treat yourself to the GameSir X2 Pro, then you’re in luck as we have a coupon code for 8% off if you order before the 30th of September. It’s good for one use per customer. Simply enter the code CNX2P when you checkout. You can do this through the GameSir website or Amazon.

The links are as follows:

Treat yourself. You know you deserve to.

A sample was kindly provided for us to review this product.

We Score This Game

rating score: 10

Absolutely Fantastic!

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