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Soundcore Space One Headphones Review

Welcome to my review of the Soundcore Space One over the ear Bluetooth headphones. These are one of the latest sets of headphones that were kindly sent over to me from soundcore to check out.

The Hardware

In the box we have of course the headphones themselves, a charging cable, some quick start guides, a 3.5mm aux cable, and a nice carry bag to keep them in. There is a choice of three colourways, and I was sent the “Latte Cream” variant. Otherwise, we have Sky Blue or Jet Black to choose from. The “Latte Cream” colour way is quite nice to be fair, especially with the hints of rose gold around them, perfect for those who love rose gold. My wife loves rose gold so it was a job to keep these away from her so I could review them!

In my testing, these headphones seemed to last way longer than the specified 40 hours with ANC enabled, up to 55 hours with it off. I’ve said this many times to friends and family in the past, but I think soundcore batteries are powered by some sort of alien tech. They literally never seem to run low for ages. Even when they do eventually seem to run out, that’s not an issue as they support fast charging. 5 minutes of charge time will give you another 4 hours of battery. Madness.

These headphones also support Hi-Res wireless through the nicely sounding 40mm drivers, so if you have a device that supports that codec, you’re in for a treat. There’s also five (yes five) levels of adjustable transparency so you can get the exact noise cancellation you want. If you’re in a busy office but would still like to say, hear a phone ringing, or a fire alarm, then you’ll be able to do that. Want to hear the hustle and bustle going on around you whilst listening to your favourite death metal? That too. Want to block out the world whilst you have Robson and Jerome seranade you? Yep, that too.


These headphones are being labelled as having two times stronger noise reduction when compared with the soundcore Life Q30 Headphones.

The headphones also have 8° rotating ear cups and a soft integrated headband that will help you with all-day comfort. To top it off, there is also three in-built microphones that can adjust themselves perfectly thanks to soundcore’s AI algorithm.

You can connect using Bluetooth or a 3.5mm cable. This means you can connect these headphones to almost any device you have around the home. The Steam Deck for example, accepts 3.5mm and Bluetooth connections for headphones. These headphones work really well in that situation. The same can be said for something like the Nintendo Switch. Of course, these are made for music really, and not gaming as such. But they do a bloody great job of both if you ask me.

I also enjoyed watching quite a bit of YouTube with these on whilst connected via Bluetooth to my PC.

Mobile users can download the free soundcore app on iOS and Google Play. This will allow you to tweak the EQ on the headphones to your liking. There is also soundcore’s “HearID” which finely tunes the headphones to your hearing.


So, to round it up, the Soundcore Space One are a very good set of Bluetooth headphones that do not cost a huge amount when you compare them to the likes of Bose or Beats. Of course, they do not sound as good as Bose but they’re brilliant.

You can learn more about the Soundcore Space One headphones on the soundcore site.

I score the Soundcore Space One an 8/10.

A sample was kindly provided for us to review this product.

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rating score: 8

Very Good!

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