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Tronsmart Bang Mini Portable Party Speaker, Review

The Tronsmart Bang Mini Portable Party Speaker is quite a device. I’ll preface this review by admitting that I’ve never used a Tronsmart product before this. With a speaker like this available for under £100, though, they’re a brand that could become huge. This, along with the T7 speaker I also have (review will be up shortly after this one), means that I’ve been listening to a lot of music this past week. I’d complain, but anyone that knows my gaming habits knows that I’m not a fan of in-game music a lot of the time. So blasting out my own choice of music whilst gaming with a party of one means it’s been a good week.

Tronsmart Value with Quality Sound

If you’re the partying type, whether that’s on your own or with some friends, music is always a plus. Might not be the kind of music you enjoy, unless it’s a party you only invite yourself to, but it’s still music. And for that, you need a good speaker. Whether you’re locked in your room or outside having a BBQ, Tronsmart have you covered with the Tronsmart Bang Mini Portable Party Speaker. It’s IPX6 Waterproof, has RGB lighting, and a carry handle to add that portable feeling. With up to 15 hours of playtime, depending on the volume, the only limit is yourself and whether you remember to charge it or not. Don’t be that person that brings out a speaker only to then disappoint everyone with a dead battery.

The Hardware

One of Tronsmarts main selling points for the Bang Mini is their proprietary SoundPulse Audio. The hardware involved is pretty neat. Whilst some speakers have sound defects, or harmonic distortion, within a certain frequency range, Tronsmart SoundPulse technology is able to counteract sound defects by eliminating any harsh noise. The reason? To make the vocals more gentle, the sound richer, and it allows you to enjoy your music for a longer period of time. They’ve also changed the sound output position of the chamber. This allows the sound to be projected from the front of the chamber, thus enabling a broad range of sound coverage. And finally, enhanced bass whilst still managing to produce high-pitched vocals. Nice.

tronsmart popping sound

Alongside that is the RBG lighting on the sides. This allows you to tailor your atmosphere to whatever you want. There are three modes – circling, beat-driven and breathing. Although breathing light is only available in standby mode. If lighting isn’t your thing, then no problem. You can turn them off. Not sure why you would, though, because it looks pretty cool lighting up.

On the back, behind a rubber cover, is a MicroSD slot for those of you that want to play music without a phone connected. Always a handy thing to have as I know a few people that still use MicroSD cards for music instead of streaming. There’s also a USB A port, USB C charging port and an aux-in port.

Design and Functionality

The aim of this speaker is portability. Looks wise, they’ve nailed it. The carry handle, although plastic, is solid. It has some real weight to it as well, weighing in at 2.37kg. Not too heavy, but enough that if we take this anywhere, my girlfriend will definitely be making me carry it. Thankfully the handle is rounded on the bottom, so it’s not uncomfortable to hold.

It also comes with a feature I wasn’t expecting. And honestly, it’s not a feature I’d use. Whilst your phone is connected, it can be used to answer your phone. Why you’d want to do that is beyond me. If you’re using it at a party, no one wants to listen to your phone call. But, one good feature of this call function is the ability to reject calls. We all know it’s quite annoying when you’re listening to a banging tune and someone calls you. Pressing the play button answers a call, but if you hold the play button down for 2 seconds, it rejects an incoming call. Now that’s handy! Long pressing of the volume buttons allows you to go back or skip a song. Ideal if you want someone to control the music when their phone isn’t the one connected.

Another cool feature is the ability to use the speaker to charge your phone. Perfect for those outdoor BBQs when your battery is dying. We’ve all been there. You can keep listening to music without your phone dying. But as you’d expect, that will lessen the amount of time you can use the speaker. Still, it’s a handy little feature to have, and that’s what the USB A port is for.

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Connection and Software

There’s no software needed, which is always a plus in my book. It’s a speaker, you should just be able to connect via Bluetooth. Great news, then, in that connecting via Bluetooth is super easy. So easy that I questioned what the point of having an NFC pairing was. But after some thought during the week, NFC pairing also makes sense. It’s a party speaker. So anyone at your party can just tap their phone on the speaker, and their phone is connected. No need to set the speaker to Bluetooth pairing mode.

The setup for a single person using Bluetooth is easy, as when you first turn it on, it wants to pair with something. It’s automatically paired with my phone. But if my partner or friends then want to play their music. Well, NFC just makes that simpler. Providing you’re on Android, that is, as it doesn’t work on iPhones. Luckily for me, the only friends or family I know with iPhones are my brothers, and I’m not a fan of either of their music choices, so I’m happy if they can’t connect to it easily.


For the music that I listen to – rock and metal – I have very few complaints if any. For a Bluetooth speaker, you’ll be unlikely to deliver audiophile-quality sound. At this price tag, though, it sounds pretty great with some good bass. And you get a generous set of features that goes a long way in making the Tronsmart Bang Mini a very capable speaker that’s well constructed.

The battery life is impressive, and even at low volumes, it kicks out some real sound. Even in an urban area with lots of traffic, you should have no problems hearing your music. The size is a huge bonus as well, as it’d take up little room in your car. Maybe not ideal for hiking as it’d get a little heavy after a while. It’s definitely heavier than it looks.

I give the Tronsmart Bang Mini Portable Party Speaker a respectable 8/10. For the price, it’s damn good value.

You can check out the full specifications over at the Tronsmart site or purchase over at Amazon for less than £100. I do wish companies wouldn’t photoshop their products into pictures, though, because it rarely looks great. And one on Amazon shows the speaker on a board in the sea, despite pointing out that its IPX6 waterproof rating doesn’t mean it can be dropped directly into water. It’s more splashproof for rain. Seems odd then showing it in pictures where it’ll likely be dropped into water.

A sample was kindly provided for us to review this product.

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