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Little Misfortune Review

Welcome to my review of Little Misfortune which is developed and published by Killmonday Games (Fran Bow). In this dark adventure, we play as our protagonist Misfortune who is guided by “Mr. Voice” throughout the game. It is also set in the same universe as Fran BowLittle Misfortune is available on Android, iOS, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Linux, macOS, and PC. It originally launched in 2019 with the mobile release in early 2020 and the console release in May 2020. For this review, I played the game on the Nintendo Switch.

There’s Definitely A Little Misfortune!

So will Little Misfortune hit that highly fortunate score? Or will it be a little bit of an unfortunate letdown? Continue reading to find out. Check out my previous review where I played Kubifaktorium.

The Game

As mentioned we play as Misfortune in this dark twisted tale of adventure. Soon enough we’re hearing a voice which Misfortune calls “Mr. Voice” and we must follow his instructions, or not. That’s the joy of Little Misfortune, it doesn’t force you with only one option. For example, if Mr. Voice asks you to jump off a cliff, you can choose to jump or stay put. For the record, that statement may or may not be in the game. You’ll have to find out the actual story for yourselves because of course there are no spoilers here. Controls in the game are rather simple, there’s nothing complicated going on here.

Although one thing I did like was Misfortune has a little bottle of glitter that you can throw around at certain points of the game which adds a bit of cheer to that certain situation.

Little Misfortune
Mommy loves juice.

As you can see from the above screenshot, the game has some dark humour. As well as Misfortune’s meme-grin. I love it. Not too far into the game, we learn of another character who is a fox that Misfortune named “Benjamin”. For some reason Mr. Voice doesn’t like Benjamin because he’s a fox. But there is certainly more to the story between these two, which you do find out later in the game.

Little Misfortune
Yep. This happened.

By the way, the choices you make do have consequences later in the game, this is how you will have one of the two endings. At present, I have only unlocked one of the endings and all I am going to say is “wow”. Misfortune’s story is brilliant, and the game creators Isak and Natalia Martinsson have done a fantastic job with the entire game, so kudos to them.

Little Misfortune
One of the many choices you’re given in the game.

As mentioned above the game is full of dark humour including a “hamster party”, again you’ll find out what that is when you play it. It is most definitely worth picking up if you can. The game pops up on sale on the Nintendo eShop fairly often if you don’t want to pay full price.

Look & Sound

I absolutely love the art style that Killmonday Games went for with this game. The whole design of it just fits so well to the gameplay/storyline of the game. I also love Misfortune’s cheesy meme-styled grin she has when she’s dancing and stuff. It cracks me up.

Whilst the graphics are of a 2D nature, the way the game has been designed doesn’t make it feel flat. If that makes sense.

Little Misfortune
Sparkle Sparkle

Audio in the game is very encapsulating. If you have a set of noise-canceling headphones I highly suggest you use them with this game. Your ears will thank you later, maybe. Either way, the game sounds fantastic however you should be listening to it.

Length & Replayability

The game has two possible endings, and with one playthrough taking anywhere up to 5 hours the game can take anywhere up to 10 hours if you go for both endings. Of course, there are no achievements on the Switch version. However, the release on other platforms does have achievements/trophies, for those who want to hunt them.


Little Misfortune is an absolutely fantastic game. I can’t believe I had not played it sooner, and I now also want to play Fran Bow. Let us know down in the comments if you’ve played either Little Misfortune or Fran Bow down below. You can check out the Switch eShop page for Little Misfortune if you wish to purchase it on the hybrid Nintendo console. Check out the trailer below. I give Little Misfortune 9/10!

We Score This Game

rating score: 9


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